About Us 

Logic will take you from A to B but ...
imagination will take you everywhere
Albert Einstein

Who we are and what we are all about

The Wanderers
Also known as Dori and Ionut. Born and raised in Romania, we have always been in love with travel. However, only when we fell in love with each other we realized that maybe we should do something about it. We started off by touring single countries for a couple of weeks at a time and when that only left us wanting more we decided that this was our chance to fulfill a dream we both had; taking some time off to travel. We started considering how we would do it and we moved on from riding bicycles to buying a trailer or an RV. However, the moment we lay eyes on this old yellow Volkswagen Transporter T3 we knew - Eni was the one for us! We bought it and reconditioned it, added some cool unique features and off we went.
The Wanderers: Who We Are - Dori
The Wanderers: Who We Are - Ionut
The Girl
The Boy
Dori – Dreamer, avid reader, occasional writer, social media addict and happy observer of social interactions. Possesses the uncanny ability to spend hours admiring old buildings and the sea. Not very good at describing herself.  
Ionut - Dreamer, climber, inventor, looking for immortality and spending his mortal moments giving new life to old bikes and cars, turning wood into furniture and dreams into ideas.
Converted camper van - Volkswagen T3
Most Beautiful Places in Europe: Venice, Italy
The Car
Eni - A 1984 Volkswagen Transporter T3 van in need of love. We bought it for 800 Euros and then spent a few more thousands on repairs. All because we fell in love from the first moment we saw her and we knew she was the one for us (we like to think the feeling was mutual :P ).  

Turning it from a car used for salt transportation (true story!) to a genuine home on wheels took a lot of customization and ingenious ideas.  It was a great DYI van conversion project and you can find out all about it on our blog, in Ionut's posts. 
Europe - with all its landscapes and (old) cityscapes, its mountains and seas. Europe of many languages and traditions, of history, art, and architecture. That’s our destination. To start with. 

We will be traveling Europe in our campervan, visit all the must-see destinations but also focus on the best yet undiscovered ones, look at what are the underrated and overrated places to visit in Europe and share it all on our blog. While Ionut will be climbing the highest peaks in Europe and giving you the review I will be doing some massive travel research on the most beautiful places in Europe and share it all in our blog posts and photos .